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Treasure Basket

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  • Image of Treasure Basket

The richly stimulating treasures in Our treasure basket are hand selected to create awe and wonder, and provide an opportunity for open ended discovery and learning. It is based on the principles of heuristic play, and aligns with philosophies of Montessori, Waldorf/Steiner, Heuristic and loose part play.

The word 'heuristic' comes from the word 'eurisko' which means to learn, discover or reach an understanding about something.

This set has been designed for developing multi sensorial, fine motor, creative thinking skills and Includes a range of natural and household items, of varying shapes, textures, sounds, and properties.

The open ended nature of each resource, means each baby and child can engage, explore and investigate in their own way.

Our treasure basket is far from being a "complete" kit. The possibilities for this style of play are endless - we are simply providing you a basis for heuristic play experiences and Included in your set is a brief introduction and guide to using your treasure basket, and how you can build and extend upon it as your child grows.