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Adventurer Kit - Pulleys, Ropes & Knots

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Image of Adventurer Kit - Pulleys, Ropes & Knots
  • Image of Adventurer Kit - Pulleys, Ropes & Knots

Kids LOVE playing with pulleys! They can spend hours engaged in a simple task like lifting toys up to a higher level, sending them down again, and lifting them up again. Child development theorists call this schema of play “transportation.” This hands-on experience is also effective in teaching about the physics of simple machines.

Children will also learn valuable simple knots to attach carabiners, tie around branches etc.

Most of all hours of fun adventuring and creating games outdoors!

This kit includes:
1x swivel pulley
2x carabiners
1x hook
10m rope
Instructions for creating simple pulley system
Basic knot booklet & additional rope for knot practice

Please note: The basket that appears in the photographs is for illustrative purposes only and is not included. You can use a range of objects or or vessels - baskets, bag, buckets etc. Other valuable additions to expand this kit to a full outdoor explorer collection are - torch, mini tape measure, magnifying glass and bug catcher.

Safety Note: ropes should be used under adult supervision and guidance.