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Baby Lovey Doll


Image of Baby Lovey Doll

For many babies and toddlers, a security blanket or comfort toy is an essential part of childhood.

Our handmade lovey doll, provides a gorgeously soft friend, which is easy for little hands to clutch and a knotted sleep hat - which is often favoured during times of teething!

When the baby is around three months of age, you can begin to introduce the lovey. Under the Red Nose (formerly SIDS) guidelines, soft toys should not be placed in the cot until the baby is seven months of age. Instead, each time you comfort your baby ensure you have the lovey doll over your shoulder, or cuddled with baby in your arms. The baby will gradually begin to associate the smell and feel of the blanket with the comfort that you provide. Soon you will discover that the baby will be soothed when you place the lovey beside them. It can provide security to the child when you are not with them and also be a useful bed time cue.

Made from soft minky fabric in a range of colours - aqua, navy, lemon, grey. other colours on request.

Personalised with name.