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Gowi Sitzl Spinner


Image of Gowi Sitzl Spinner
  • Image of Gowi Sitzl Spinner

Such a unique product and very open ended! Encourages imaginary play and is great for indoor and outdoor play Role playing and make believe games are vital for the child's social development and powers of imagination. the Gowi Spinner shines as a wonderful accessory and is swiftly turned into a cradle for soft toys or turtle shell, a drum, a cooking pot, a ship, or a hill with caves giving shelter to toy animals...fill it with sand or water, carry stuff in it, or throw balls or bean bags into it. Aside from being a brighly colored spinner providing hours of fun it also develops balancing skills and improves core strength. It is great as a calming tool for children who calm via vestibular input as they can rock back and forth. Height: 340mm, Width: 340mm, Depth: 220mm. Colours Vary (supplied at random) though I can try my best to provide colour choice. For Ages 12 months and up to approx 5/6 years. Depends on child. See size below for a guide.