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My Feelings Matter


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  • Image of My Feelings Matter

MY FEELINGS MATTER....  written by Sara Stace and Illustrated by Tamara Hackett

Little people can have such BIG feelings and sometimes it can be difficult for parents and educators to understand when are children are struggling with their feelings... sometimes we don't know what is wrong, sometimes they don't even know, or might not be able to communicate in a way we understand..

Sara wrote this book for her son who has Autism, however the book is suitable for children of all abilities, all parents and all educators with the goal for EVERYONE to become more emotionally aware... 

What I love about this book  💕
💙simple illustrations  -  children can begin to identify with the pictures, they can be visual cues and prompts for identifying the feeling and feeling names 
💚 simple explanations of what the feeling may look or feel like - and this can be different for everyone but it's a great starting point.  Use this information also to teach children how to identify feelings
💛some practical advice or a guide on how to support your child through the feeling.  Again a guide and its not a one shoe fits all -- but it's a starting point.
💜 multi purpose -for the child to identify and learn about different feelings,  for the child to use to communicate to others what they may be feeling e.g. find and point to picture, and for parents and educators to understand how the could support.