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Sensory Toolkit

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Our Sensory toolkit is designed to support children in calming their mind and body through focussed sensory input. All materials are latex free.

These toolkits could be used in numerous ways but not limited to:
>as individual tools to keep hands busy during tasks or times where needing to sit and listen
>calming down space
>quiet time tools
>reward time box

Think TOOL rather than TOY. For children with Sensory processing, behavioural or specific learning needs These kits are most effective when used for their purpose, and not confused with general "toys" - For example, we keep our sensory tools in a calming down space, and they are only used for that purpose. You can store in a drawstring bag or segmented storage container is great for easy organised access!

Our Kit includes:
-nut and bolts
-wooden prism viewer
-pipe cleaners
-fabric marble maze
-sensory bubbles
-wooden Gear Spinner (created by Happily Handcrafted)

*Colours of items vary

OPTIONAL drawstring bag $10

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