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Waldorf Wooden Painting Board

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Image of Waldorf Wooden Painting Board
  • Image of Waldorf Wooden Painting Board
  • Image of Waldorf Wooden Painting Board

This Handmade Wooden Painting Board is perfect for your creative experiences, including wet-on-wet watercolour painting as practised in Steiner and Waldorf education.

Our painting board is generously sized to accommodate up to A3 sized paper. It is made from thick marine grade plywood, with rounded corners, sealed and finished with Australian made organic beeswax. Depending on level use it is recommended you re-coat with beeswax every 5-6 months or earlier for heavy use. We use and recommend Gilly's Beeswax finishes, which we also have available in store.

More on wet-on-wet painting....
Painting on damp paper enables us to see and experience the flowing nature of colour. For the best effect use watercolour paper. When working with the youngest (2-3 years of age) it is recommended to begin with one colour at a time until all three primary colours (red, yellow and blue) have been thoroughly explored. Then (3-5 years of age), progress to 2 primary colours at a time until all combinations have been used. This allows opportunity to observe how two colours create a third and what forms are created on their paper. School age children (6 and up) will enjoy using all three primary colours at once.

To preserve the creative flow of colour, it is recommended you allow your painting to dry completely before removing painting from the board.