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A range of Beeswax products, Made In Western Australia by Gillys Waxes & Polishes. These are perfect for sealing timber toys and furniture, or freshening up your natural toys.

Food Safe Wax 100ml $20 - A soft wax perfect for a children's toys, chopping boards and bowls etc. Made using a blend of beeswax, soy wax and carnauba wax flakes, citrus oil. No nasty petrochemicals!

Liquid Beeswax 250ml $33, 100ml* $20 4L $190
This is an easy-to-use polish, very suitable to large surface areas, furniture, chopping board and also wooden toys. Blend of beeswax, lemon and orange oil - No nasty petrochemicals.
*note chopping board oil 100ml and liquid beexwax 250ml is same product, just in different size bottle.

New Timber/Restoring Polish 200ml $30 a traditional type of beeswax polish. non toxic and suitable for sealing raw timber.