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Let your little one's imagination soar for years to come with these Waldorf-inspired hand-dyed play silks. These gorgeous silks will delight the senses and have a multitude of uses including but not limited to:
sensory play
doll bedding
dancing silk
peek a boo
Small world play

Made from all-natural 100% silk, and non-toxic, child safe dyes. These silks are all handdyed here in Brisbane

Gentle handwash in cool water if required. Frequent washing though, may cause some fading over time. Iron on silk setting to smooth.

Colours may vary from photos due to unique handmade product. Each silk is unique and may be slightly mottled adding depth and texture to the colours. This is not a fault.

Mini Silk 28x28cm
- set of 6 colours $80

Large Playsilks 90x90cm $28
forest Green
Golden Yellow
Icey Playscape

Blends $30
Rainbow blend
Beach/Ocean blend
Sunburnt Country - red-yellow

Rainbow Silk Bundle 90cm
- set of 6 colours $160

Giant Rainbow Silk 190x90cm also available; perfect for playstands (listed separately)

Occasionally there may be some imperfections. E.g. colour bleeds. The silks themselves are still functional and beautiful and offer many opportunities for play. See drop down menu for these.

Custom spots available- please contact to discuss.

If you selection is not available in drop down menu it is SOLD OUT. please check back soon.