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Image of Playstand LAYBY DEPOSIT

Playstands are the ultimate in open ended play furniture and an amazing investment. We would like to make your dreams of owning your very own playstand possible which is why we offer layby, including long laybys for Christmas.

This is a DEPOSIT ONLY. We are at capacity for laybys in 2021, therefore delivery dates will be set for 2022.

Please include your playstand preferences and date required by in the comments. A separate paypal invoice will be created and sent for your layby with all the details. Regular payments are made against this invoice and will be sent once the balance is $0.

Options and pricing are listed below. For full product details please refer to the playstand product descriptions.

$320 per single stand with arch (one mid shelf)
$360 per single stand with arch + extra shelf (top or bottom)
$380 per single stand with arch, 3 Shelves

$630 pair with arch (one mid shelf)
$710 pair with arch, extra top shelves
$710 pair with arch, extra lower shelves
$710 pair with arch, one stand with extra top, one stand has extra bottom.
$740 pair with arch, one stand 3 shelves , one stand extra lower
$740 pair with arch, one stand 3 shelves , one stand extra top
$750 pair with arch, both 3 shelves