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Toddler easel

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  • Image of Toddler easel
  • Image of Toddler easel
  • Image of Toddler easel

Children love creative play, and vertical surfaces are beneficial for childrens upper body strength and coordination as well as providing opportunities for crossing the midline.
This toddler easel came about after not being able to find an easel of of suitable height, for toddlers and a design that wouldn't topple over when pressure was applied. Our unique tripod design is stable, locks in place with a removable pin meaning it can be folded flat and stored away easily.
It has a ledge so can be used with a variety of boards ply, magentics, whiteboard, feltboard and even canvas!

Toddler Easels come supplied with board and suitable for ages 12months - 3 years (depends on heights of your child) The board can be turned to portrait position as child gets older to get a little more use.

Natural pine timber finished with marine grade clear.

Easel boards have rounded corners, and chalkboard on reverse on the board

Please allow approx 2-3 weeks for your order to be made