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Wooden Tens frame


Image of Wooden Tens frame
  • Image of Wooden Tens frame
  • Image of Wooden Tens frame
  • Image of Wooden Tens frame
  • Image of Wooden Tens frame

A 10 frame is simply a way to "see" and "show" numbers and a fabulous resource to have on hand for your home or classroom.

We have created this wooden 10 frame, made from solid pine timber making it durable for years of learning.

Single 10 frame $8 each
- Occasionally we have seconds stock with minor cosmetic imperfections. These are $5 each

But how does one use a ten frame??? How does it work to explore early math concepts??

Here are some ideas on how you can use a 10 frame with both your littlest and also early school age learners.

🐞fill the 10 frame with manipulatives, thus becoming familiar with the number 10 and what 10 looks like
🐞simple counting as you place manipulatives on the ten frame, This is called one-to-one correspondence. And assists in understanding the value of number
🐞seeing patterns - learners will start to see patterns in numbers and can explore counting in pairs, or fives
🐞advanced patterns - When a ten frame has manipulatives on it, a child can learn to automatically recognize the numbers represented and create addition sentences. For example, 6 filled frames on the ten frame plus 4 blank frames equals 10. (6 + 4 + 10) and in reverse for subtraction. .

For manipulatives you can use anything - rocks, buttons, unifix cubes, beads, but whatever you choose, try to choose something that is a little uniform in terms of size, as we are trying to explore the value number has...
p.s gummy bears can work well for reluctant school age learners!